Pilates for Stroke Rehabilitation

Los Angeles, CA Stroke Rehabilitation

Pilates is an effective rehabilitation tool, and we see many clients in our Los Angeles, CA studio who are recovering from some kind of injury. Now new research shows that Pilates can help stroke patients in their recovery process.

In this paper, the authors looked at 40 patients who had had a stroke. 20 of the patients attended a mat Pilates session twice a week for 12 weeks; the other 20 patients did regular occupational therapy with no exercise component. All of the test subjects were evaluated on physical, social, and psychological scales, both before and after the study.

The researchers found significant improvement in the Pilates patients, but no change in the occupational therapy patients: Pilates experienced improvements in quality of life, physical ability, psychological well-being, and social measures.

Los Angeles, CA Stroke Rehabilitation

If you or a loved one is recovering from a stroke, Pilates might be able to help. For more information or an appointment, call Los Angeles Pilates today at (555) 555-1234.

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